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3605.1 - Accessibility in Pedestrian Routing

Monday, July 3
2:50 PM - 3:10 PM
Location: Virginia C

Pedestrian route planning presents unique challenges compared to relatively well established car routing applications. The challenges are even more pronounced when also considering a diverse user group, which includes people with disabilities. Existing research has identified environmental features that are important to pedestrians with disabilities, but there are still a number of outstand-ing problems that have hindered the development of a widespread, usable solution. We developed the EUG Access web application to implement an approach to pe-destrian routing that incorporates environmental accessibility and responds to the needs and preferences of a diverse user population. This paper reviews related lit-erature and reports our experience through three phases of development: personal-ization, route calculation, and interface design. It concludes by drawing attention to issues that we propose are critical to successfully incorporating environmental accessibility into future pedestrian routing applications.

Amy Lobben

university of oregon

Amy Lobben is a professor in the department of geography at the university of oregon. She received her PhD in geography from mighigan state university. Her primary research and teaching interests lie in neurogeography, geospatial cognition, and accessibility. She co-runs the Spatial Computation, Cognition, and Complexity Lab and the Map by NorthWest (MxNW) group with colleague Chris Bone.


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Megen Brittell

Doctoral Candidate
University of Oregon

Megen Brittell is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon. Her research interests include audio cartography, neurogeography, geospatial cognition, and accessibility. She has developed software to support multiple projects including a minimal geographic information system with an auditory map display, evaluation of 3D printed tactile map symbols, and an accessible pedestrian routing application with a web-based map interface.


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3605.1 - Accessibility in Pedestrian Routing


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