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5105.1 - Mapping the United Arab Emirates: A cartographic story for Emirati Children

Wednesday, July 5
8:30 AM - 8:50 AM
Location: Virginia C

Stories play an energetic role in the growth and development of children. Current study displays a story that presents different aspects of the map skills and spatial thinking in young Emirati children. The spatial thinking of the story allows Emirati children to comprehend and analyze phenomena related to the places and spaces around them in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Therefore, this type of story was developed to test the children's ability to work with the map elements and to teach map skills (for example, using a scale of miles, using a compass rose, reading a map legend, finding places on a street map). The study came with some results about the importance of integrating cartography with the children's literatures and stories. The study concluded that teaching map skills through stories was a much effected teaching style; therefore, this study recommends to cooperate with the relevant authorities and the ministries that are concerned with the development of education curriculum to include special stories about mapping skills, and other map activities in order to equip childrens with important knowledge and skills.

Keywords: education, map elements, map skills, story, UAE

Naeema M. Alhosani


Dr. Naeema Alhosani, obtained her Ph. D. & M.A. in Geography "Cartography" from the University of Kansas, USA. She is an assistant dean for student affairs, as well as she is an assistant professor in the Geography and Urban Planning dept, UAEU. She has many awards. Her research interests are: Cartography, Maps & Mapping, Cartographic Design, Environment, GIS, RS, tourism and Education. She has participated in many conferences (both regional and international), research projects as well as maps publications, besides being a member of many professional committees. She has various contributions at the departmental, College, University and Community levels.


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Carla Sena


Graduated in Geography, MA and Ph.D. in Geography in University of São Paulo (2009). She is currently Assistant Professor Ph.D.from UNESP- Ourinhos, and Chair (2015-2019) of the ICA Commission on Cartography and Children. She has experience in geography, with emphasis on Geography teaching and training of teachers, mainly in the following themes: school and tactile cartography, geography education, special education and inclusion.


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5105.1 - Mapping the United Arab Emirates: A cartographic story for Emirati Children

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