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4107.3 - About the National atlas of Uzbekistan

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National Atlas is a national publication of nationalwide importance, it is fundamental, complex scientific-reference product which is fully mappable; characterizes the geographical and geopolitical location, administrative and territorial division, climate condition and physical resources, population and labor force, economy and its leading industries, mentality, culture and the most important historical features of a single state. It can be said with confidence that national atlas has a normative (normative and legal) character, and it is a visiting card of a single state.
Creating national atlases is the matter of responsibility and requires a lot of works, it is a peak of mapping art, and at the moment, a significant contribution of geographers and cartographers for the development of national culture. This time,
from the point of view of cartography in many developed countries (USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, Hungary and others) national institutions associated with national atlas are established and they are constantly doing activities and collecting in one place, studying and doing analyzes, evaluating and storing in special places sources of any shape (photo-mapping, graphics, cutting, chart, table, numbers, text, and others.)on that basis, they create computer databases (banks) of these data, and constantly update the content of individual maps and whole atlas.
In Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Belarus (2002), Ukraine (2007) Russia (2007) and Kazakhstan (2009) first created their national atlases.
Bearing in mind what has been said above of the Republic leadership, State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on land resources, geodesy, cartography and state cadastre, and the board of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography of the National University of Uzbekistan conduct a large-scale scientific work.
During creating the maps entering the composition of atlas, material of relevant influential ministries and institutions, government committees and organizations, sectoral institutions and departments of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, services, centers and companies, the department of information and analytical issues of individual branches of the Cabinet of Ministers have been used. To work on the design and creation of atlas attracted leading scientists from the appropriate branches of science and qualification experts of industrial enterprises. Bearing in mind, aim of the atlas, the scale of the main maps and a configuration (shape and arrangement of territories) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, atlas format marked as 61x42. The scale of the main maps are 1:2 500 000, 1:3 500 000, 1: 5 000 000. As well, for the creation of climate maps and social infrastructure maps used scales 1:7 500 000 and 1:10 000 000. Basic atlas maps create in an equilateral conical projection.
The main aim of the national atlas is to present to the world peculiarity of the unique economic and spiritual potential of our state. The purpose of atlas defines its main content, structure and size.
It is planned to prepare for publication and printing of the National Atlas of conditionally dividing it into two parts. The first volume planned to give the mapping feature on the basis of a systematic approach to unique physical conditions and natural resources of the country. The second volume has a generalized, versatile information sources, reported in the Statement of economy, culture and thousands of years of history of the country, clearly reflecting the attainment of the path of independent development. The volume is intended for use on the basis of sheathe program as a solid indivisible cartographic works, in public administration, all defined as the branch of the national and regional economy, as well as in the national security service and national defense, science and education, information resources and communications.

Risolat Rahimjon kizi Yuldasheva

Graduate student
National University of Uzbekistan

My name is Risolat Yuldasheva. I'm 23 years old. I live in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I hava a small family. I have a father, a mother and two brothers. I'm not married. I'm studying at National University of Uzbekistan. I'm a master student. Department Geodesy and cartography. In my free times I like reading books, listening music and watching TV.


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Gayrat Zaidovich. Yakubov

Assistant professor
National University of Uzbekistan

My name is Gayrat Yakubov. I’m 28. I’m uzbek. I’m married. I live in Tashkent with my family. I work at the National University of Uzbekistan as a teacher. Department Geodesy and cartography. I teach geodesy, cartography topography, computer graphics and map design. I was in Hungary within the project “Geoinformatics: enabling sustainable development in Uzbekistan”. At the moment I'm translating Geodetic and cartographic books from foreign languages to Uzbek.


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4107.3 - About the National atlas of Uzbekistan

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