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4505.1 - A trial map and GIS class on junior high school with university collaboration in Yokohama, Japan

Tuesday, July 4
1:30 PM - 1:50 PM
Location: Virginia C

New national curriculum of high school will be carried out from 2022 in Japan. Geography as high school subject has been almost selective subject since 1947. The number of students who take geography in high school has started to decrease since around 1980. In new curriculum, geography will be compulsory subject in Japan. It is the result of geography teachers' and academic geographers' desires and efforts. The coherent geography education curriculum from elementary school to the high school will be build up. Index of high school geography as compulsory subject will be following; 1. Using of maps and GIS, 2. Understanding of the world and International collaboration: Life and culture, issues of world, 3. Disaster prevention and ESD: natural environment and disaster, and construction of ideal society.
The number of Geography teachers is not enough. From 2022, high school geography will be taught not only geography teachers, but also history teachers. Many history teachers worry about maps and GIS content of new geography subject. They especially think GIS is very difficult content. The instruction of the GIS will be one of the issues in the new curriculum. It is important for history teachers to understand geography concept through teaching GIS with fun. We need understandable GIS and map education contents.
The aim of this study is to make the utilize map and GIS education content through trial class in middle school. Trial class was done on Tsurugamine junior high school in Yokohama city with university and Yokohama city school board collaboration.
This trial class theme is “survey our neighborhood”. It took 2 periods. For this class, the class teacher and university stuff made preparation for the map and GIS education materials. The old and new topographical maps around the junior high school are important items. Transparent sheets were prepared. The topographical maps were printed on the sheets. The transparent sheets were colored with each land uses as “road and railway”, “building” and “farmland and trees”. Geography undergraduate students’ corporation was also gained for this preparation and class activity.
In the first period, the teacher indicated the new topographical maps to students and asked them to consider the characteristics of the area. They made some comments. Next, they compared new topographical map to old topographical maps, focusing on land use change.
In the second period, students considered the regional changes with comparing the topographical map in 1932 to in 1967, 2013 and they made presentation the change. The teacher asked them to find changing and not changing land use. Transparent sheets overlaying is useful this activity. Transparent usage indicated the GIS function of overlay. It is good activity for students to understand the function of GIS.
After the considering past changes, they considered the future of their town. The unused lands are spread in this area. Students present their opinions how to develop them. They had to plan the future landscape of their town. For this activity, they understood the present data and prediction data were needed for planning. They also needed the vision for future town that they want to create.
The important thing to carry out map and GIS class through neighborhood area is preparation of adequate maps. For this preparation, collaboration with university geography stuffs or undergraduate students are inevitable in several years. After the accumulation these experiences, school teachers will be able to prepare these materials.

Toshimitsu Tabe

Japan Women's University

Toshimitsu TABE(1959-) is a Professor in Social Studies Course,Department of Education,Faculty of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences at Japan Women's University in Kawasaki City. I am taught in Elementary schools for 10 years, and Joetsu University of Education for 7 years,an then become a stuff of the Japan Women's University in 2002. My major research field in history of Geography education and map and globe skill teaching.I am interested in American Geography textbook Collection,esoecially Jedidiah Morse(1761-1826),Samuel Griswold Goodrich(1793-1860).I published "The histori of American Geograohy Education(2009,in Japanese)"


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Koji Ohnishi

University of Toyama

Associate professor in University of Toyama, Japan. His main research theme is children's geography and has engaged in the research on cognitive map and children's environment. Recently his interests are wider so that he did the research on disaster education and GIS education. "Geography Education in Japan" (Springer) was publised on 2015. He is one of the editers.


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4505.1 - A trial map and GIS class on junior high school with university collaboration in Yokohama, Japan


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