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6208.2 - Cartography of the Urban Growth of Brasilia: Expansion Vectors, Spatial Densities and Environmental Impacts

Thursday, July 6
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM
Location: Maryland C

The urban Federal District (Distrito Federal – DF), like most Brazilian metropolitan spaces has shown similar problems, differentiating in degree and in-tensity of its spatial processes. One on the most relevant issues happens due to the quick paced and uncontrolled urban growth, a spatial fact that causes environmental, social, economic, institutional, and political damage, and mainly, compromises the territorial planning process. Amongst the main spatial components that stimulate expansion, the differentiated polarizing effect of the main locations, the great construction sites of the official process of real estate speculations and the private urban installment plans´ consolidation are highlighted. The research seeks spatial representation and interpretation of Brasilia´s urban aggregate growth process from the 50´s of the past century until the first decade of the XXI century, as well as graphically representing the expansion vectors of the urban historiography and tendencies of a close future. The work process shows that the assurance of survival of the preserved spaces is incompatible with territorial usage. These spatial observations, which are processed systematically in other Latin American urban areas, above all, point to the importance of a more effective management of territorial use and dynamicsas a fundamental component to decrease territorial incompatibilities and incongruities. This research is one of the products and result of the Projeto Instrumentação Geográfica e Dinâmica Territorial (Geographic Instrumentation and Territorial Dynamics Project), processed in the monitoring program of territorial usage in Central Brazil.

Rodrigo de O Vilela

University of Brasilia

Undergraduate and Master degree at Geography at the University of Brasilia. Has experience in Geography, focusing on Territorial Planning, acting on the following subjects: African-Brazilian geography, quilombos, ethnic territories and thematic cartography.


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Rafael Sanzio A. dos Anjos

University of Brasilia

Geographer and Professor of Geography at the University of Brasilia since 1988. Undergraduate at Geography at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Master Degree in Urban Planning at the University of Brasilia, PhD in Transportation Engineering at University of São Paulo and Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnic Cartography . Coordinator of the Center for Applied Cartography and Geographic Information of the University of Brasilia since 2010, where develops the project African-Brazilian Geography, with actions in thematic cartography and school mapping, evidencing ancestral territory spatial representation.


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Fernanda Lira Goes

Planning and Research Technician, Doctorate Student

Undergraduate in International Relations, at FIB in 2003. Specializayion at International Relations, at the UnB on 2005.. Master Degree at Geography, UnB on 2016. Working as Planning and Research Technician, at IPEA Coordination for Racial and Gender Inequalities, since 2009. Mostly experience with the study and research of public policy in areas of Internacional Relations such as peacekeeping Operations, Brazilian Africanist Foreign Policy, including the Cartography of Brazilian Geopolitical. Concerning Racial and Gender Inequalities dedication to Waste Pickers issues in Brazil based upon the Category of Environmental Racism.


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Ana G. Ortiz

University of Brasilia

Master degree at Geography at the University of Brasilia. Specialist in environmental management. Environmental Technician at Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, in Brasilia.


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Horst Kremers

CODATA-Germany Chair, Berlin (Germany)


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6208.2 - Cartography of the Urban Growth of Brasilia: Expansion Vectors, Spatial Densities and Environmental Impacts

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