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5501.1 - LINZ Data Service: Building Our Nation

Wednesday, July 5
1:30 PM - 1:50 PM
Location: Delaware A

Over the next several years, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is undertaking a mission to build and deliver a national base mapping service for internal and public use. This mapping service, part of the LINZ Data Service (LDS), is designed to offer geographically up to date digital maps, in local projections, using New Zealand specific data.

Working with a limited budget and the need to build the platform in house, we considered our technical and cartographic needs. Overall, the maps would be designed primarily for in-house use. Technically, we would design a Web Tile Mapping Service (WMTS) offering a per tile delivery of under 5ms, build a service available at the 1:5,000,000 to 1:500 scale, and deliver local and web mapping projections. Cartographically, we would consider how to deliver the same quality and accuracy of the LINZ topographic paper mapping series, how our data translates to an online mapping system, and in terms of scale, how our data visually translates onto multiple online platforms like phones, tablets and desktop systems.

With these considerations in mind, our group decided initially to offer one map to prove our concept. This map would be built with open source technology, designed to render down to the 1:500 scale, and would be best viewed on desktop applications. This map would also be available in NZTM, our local projection, and Web Mercator, the online mapping standard. Our project would best showcase the aspects of colour and speed offered by the service.

Our initial offering became the New Zealand Colour Base Map. A full colour map designed to mimic a cloud free satellite image of New Zealand at small scale and a colour topographic map at large scale.

As of the beginning of 2017, the project passed the proof of concept stage and is currently being tested internally at LINZ. The map is a fully rendered set of raster tiles covering the New Zealand mainland. The platform is built in the Amazon Web Service, using a combination of Tilemill for styling and MapProxy for rending in multiple projections. We offer a functioning WTMS and XYZ service in NZTM and Web Mercator projections.

Ian C. Reese

Senior Spatial Analyst
Land Information New Zealand

Ian is a spatial analyst with Land Information New Zealand with a primary focus on digital cartography. He specializes in using open source tools like Tilemill, PostgreSQL, GDAL, CartoCSS, JS and QGIS. Some of his past work includes visualization projects with AidDATA, Virginia Tech, and Geographx. Ian is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, with a masters of science in landscape architecture (MSLA) with a concentration on urban planning. When not working, he is often found with his 9ft at Lyall Bay.


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Kelleann Foster

Associate Dean
Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Penn State University

Kelleann Foster, RLA, ASLA is Associate Dean and Director of the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Penn State University. She is a licensed landscape architect whose research focuses on designing sustainable communities. She has 30+ years of professional practice experience and over 25-years at Penn State. Her recent sabbatical, based at Esri, resulted in Penn State’s new online Geodesign graduate programs. Much of Kelleann’s work uses computer technologies to communicate alternative scenarios. Her work has received national and international recognition. Her expertise, highlighted in a recent publication in a special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning titled “Geodesign parsed: Placing it within the rubric of recognized design theories,” places her among leaders of the emerging field of geodesign.


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5501.1 - LINZ Data Service: Building Our Nation

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