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6203.1 - Tracking of the LAZIO region shoreline from orthophotos AGEA 2014 and implementation of the layer database

Thursday, July 6
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
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The integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) is the modern approach used in the study, management and exploitation of the coast in various applications - economic, environmental, legal, scientific and social. The natural complexity of the coastal zone and its anthropogenic component has been the subject of many scientific essays and research projects, to protect and manage it in the best possible way. Coasts are in fact inherently unstable by nature and consequently their characterizations require continuous monitoring and updating of the relevant variations and trends. The coastal zone is that portion of emerged and submerged land which includes the shoreline. It is subject to both continental and marine geomorphic processes. The shoreline shows the extent of the occurring changes due to daily and seasonal natural forcing and of slower processes, in addition to an ever-increasing anthropoid pressure. The coast responds more or less quickly to the speed and intensity of local and global dynamic factors. Hence, more or less rapid processes occur in the critical stage (erosion and retreat of emerged coast, silting of port areas, salinity ingression in subsiding areas, storm surges and rising sea levels that may impact on populations, productive activities and industrial centers). An accurate analysis and representation of the shape and nature of the coastal zone is required to provide reliable and comparable tools to those who study and manage it. Common standards, procedures and guidelines are necessary to share best practice, disseminate know-how and to develop forecasting, planning, intervention, management and safeguard instruments. This paper presents the results of a study aimed at developing an integrated approach in the extraction of the shoreline in Lazio Region (Italy). The case study is part of European Project "Intercoast".
The works carried out in Lazio region is based on national and international directives on the coastal zone, both land and sea, within the broad definition of hydrography provided by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).
Spatial information from direct and indirect measuring of the most dynamic emerged and submerged coastal sector (emerged coast and bottom) was associated with an estimation of uncertainties, and the relevant quality was assessed. The key element was connecting data relevant to bottom surface and to the emerged part of the coast as a single surface (a continuum), where the shoreline is the instantaneous intersection with the water surface. An inte-grated workflow was developed by comparing data from an indirect approach of extraction of the shoreline with data collected directly with topographic and hydrographic systems according to national and international standards. These high-resolution data were homogeneous and ready to be employed as required by INSPIRE European Directive , integrated with new features that best represent it in any different field of application. Adopting the same standards for submerged and emerged sectors is useful in creating a single and continuous approach to the land-sea sector trying to overcome the existing divisions in the detailed methods used for specific applications in the Coastal Zone Management. This study has been taken in account as guideline at the national table on coastal erosion of the Environmental Ministry, with regards of operational aspects related to the coastline tracking and encoding compliant with National Directive on Geo-topographic Database.

Erik Biscotti

Istituto Idrografico della MARINA

After attending IT Naval Academy. He was on board IT Navy Hydrographic Survey Vessels working as Junior/Party Chief Hydrographic Surveyor in charge of the planning, management and conduct of hydrographic survey.
He also served at IT Navy Hydrographic Institute in Genoa, for several years, working as Chief of Survey Team and thereafter Head of Hydrographic Branch, specializing in Hydrographic field and Geo-Topographic Data Bases along Italian coastline and seas.
More than 15 years in the Hydrographic field, Erik Biscotti has been involved in the definition of the national standards and procedures for Hydrographic and topographic survey.


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Nicola Pizzeghello

Istituto idrografico della Marina

IHO cat A Hydrographer since 2007, I conducted hydrographic surveys at sea on vessels until 2012, when I moved to the Italian Hydrographic Institute. During the last four years I have been focused my activity on procurement, hydrographic data quality control and hydrographic data standards.


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Lysandros Tsoulos

Professor of Cartography
National Technical University of Athens

Lysandros Tsoulos is professor of Cartography at the Department of Surveying Engineering - National Technical University of Athens [NTUA] (1992-2016). He holds a degree in Surveying engineering from the University of Thessalonica (1972) and a Ph.D. in Cartography from the NTUA (1989). In 1975 he joined the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service [HNHS] where he worked for 17 years (Directorate of Cartography and the HNHS Computing Center). In 1992 he was elected member of the faculty at the School of Surveying Engineering - NTUA. Until September 2016 he was director of the NTUA Geomatics Center and the Cartography Laboratory. He has coordinated and managed a number of National and EU research projects. He is the author/co-author of 170 research papers on Digital Mapping and Geographic Information Science published in journals or presented in Conferences. His research interests include cartographic design, composition and generalization, expert systems in cartography, GIS, digital atlases, data and map quality issues and spatial data standards. He teaches Cartography and GIS courses at undergraduate and graduate levels and supervises a number of Masters and Ph.D. theses/dissertations. He is reviewer of papers submitted to international scientific journals and project-research proposals. He is member of the council of the Hellenic Cartographic Society and member of national and international scientific committees [International Board of Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers, Technical Chamber of Greece, etc.].


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6203.1 - Tracking of the LAZIO region shoreline from orthophotos AGEA 2014 and implementation of the layer database


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