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3701.3 - Smart Points of Interest – Development of Linked Open Geo-Data

Monday, July 3
4:50 PM - 5:10 PM
Location: Delaware A

The current trends in geomatics and geoinformatics are related to linked open data. In many cases this term could be used just as an attractive label or buzzword. But the future of the above mentioned disciplines consists in collecting, processing and visualizing of large data set, which can be created as a combination of existing data with links to other data. This is the most efficient way how to deal with spatial data in terms of data volume, speed of processing or intelligibility of data presentation and visualization. The Smart Points of Interest (SPOI) dataset represents a real example of big and linked spatial data. The added value of the SDI4Apps approach consists in implementation of the linked data approach and RDF format, using standardized and respected properties and development of a completely harmonized data set with a uniform data model and a common classification. The SPOI data are published under the Open Database License as SPARQL endpoint (to query and download) as well as in the map client (to view). The main objective of this paper is to to present the development phase of the SPOI project. This includes mainly the design of the data model, re-use of existing vocabularies and spatial data resources, harmonization and transformation process or cartographic visualization. The secondary reason why to present SPOI is to continue in discussion and exchange experience with other experts focused in spatial Linked Open Data.

Otakar Čerba

Junior Researcher
University of West Bohemia

Ing. et Mgr. Otakar Cerba, Ph.D. works at the Department of Geomatics of the University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic. He concentrates above all the on questions of web cartography, semantic and linked data (application of mark-up languages in digital cartography, using spatial data modelling in digital cartography, including ontologies, and accessibility of digital maps). He is a member of the Commission on Maps and the Internet of the International Cartographic Association and member of the board of Czech Association for Geoinformation. Otakar Cerba was and is involved in spatial data European projects, e.g. Humboldt, Plan4all, Habitats, SDI-EDU, plan4business, SmartOpenData or SDI4apps etc.


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Rex G. Cammack

Associate Professor
University of Nebraska Omaha

Dr. Cammack is currently the Co-Chair of the ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet and serves as the Geography Program Director at University of Nebraska Omaha. He as been and active member of the ICA, AAG and NACIS for 20 years. He primary research interest are in Web Mapping and Location Based Services.


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3701.3 - Smart Points of Interest – Development of Linked Open Geo-Data


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