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6708.3 - Mapping Local Development and Tourism in Central CHILE

Thursday, July 6
4:50 PM - 5:10 PM
Location: Maryland C

In rural areas of Latin America and especially Chile, agricultural modernization and transformations associated with globalization are driving the search for alternative ways to encourage local development of areas impoverished by not having comparative advantages that can be integrated into the marketing of their agricultural products. From the perspective of local rural development, a plan that makes suitable maps available can help to drive forwards the performance of activities different from agriculture. This helps to generate synergies and links in sequences between the various systems interacting in the region, with emphasis on promoting cultural and tourist attractions that agricultural areas of Central Chile could use to stimulate development and move towards a better quality of life for the inhabitants there. On this occasion, we are exploring the possibility for the local population in the study area to assign value to their scenic resources, classify them and by adequate mapping, make tourist circuits available in a borough of the Maule Region of Chile.

Using satellite images, some transformations of rural landscapes chosen in the central Chile area are mapped in order to establish the feasibility of using landscape and cultural heritage resources in defining alternatives for implementing rural tourism activities. This submission presents the criteria and procedures used in building the cartographic models applied to the evaluation of the landscapes and then in the final maps showing the tourist routes proposed for the area.

The methodology is based on the digital processing of ASTER images, field work and the preparation of thematic maps to define routes and tourist attractions that should eventually be part of a local development proposal. The use of digital terrain models (DTM) for visibility analysis was helpful in defining the parts of the landscape that have potential for the development of rural tourism. Image processing and the creation of the maps was performed using the ArcGIS platform.

It is expected to obtain as a result a set of cartographic models to be used in the preparation of a local development plan for the rural population. Rural tourism is considered to be an effective strategy for rural development, as it seeks to build out complementary activities and to diversify and increase the options for employment and for increasing the income of rural residents and their families, especially the young people and women there.

The contribution of thematic mapping to a local development plan is undoubtedly of great importance to the evaluation of resources for tourism, showing routes and significant connections between rural areas. to facilitate planning, decision making and land use in these locations, these areas urgently need the support of geographers and maps.

Fernando Pino

Academic teacher and researcher
University of Chile

Date of birth: December 27th, 1953. Graduated as both Cartographer and Geographer at the University of Chile with a Doctorate from the University of Barcelona, Diploma in GIS and Remote Perception of the Universities of Arizona and Stockholm. Currently Director of School of Geography, in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban development of the University of Chile. Member of the ICC 2009 scientific committee when the confernce was held in Santiago, Chile.


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Michael Govorov

Vancouver Island University

Michael Govorov, professor at Vancouver Island University and instructor/facilitator at University of Toronto, holds a PhD in Technical Science, with a specialization in cartography, from the Siberian State Academy of Geodesy, as well as a Post-doctoral Research Certificate in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems from Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping. Dr. Govorov has 20 years research and teaching experience in GIS, Cartography and Remote Sensing. He has experience leading and successfully completing several research and educational projects funded internationally by government and private organizations.


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6708.3 - Mapping Local Development and Tourism in Central CHILE

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