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6110.1 - A Practical Framework for Cartographic Design

Thursday, July 6
8:30 AM - 8:50 AM
Location: Coolidge

Creation of a map artifact that can be recognized, accepted, read, and absorbed is the cartographer's chief responsibility. This involves bringing coherence and order out of chaos and randomness through the construction of map artifacts that mediate processes of social communication. Maps are artifacts, first and foremost: they are artifacts with particular formal attributes. It is the formal aspects of the map artifact that allows it to invoke and sustain a reading as a map. This paper examines Cartographic Design as the sole means at the cartographer's disposal for constructing the meaning bearing artifacts we know as maps, by placing it in a center of a practical analytic framework. The framework draws together the Theoretic and Craft aspects of map making, and examines how Style and Taste operate through the rubric of a schema of Mapicity to produce high quality maps. The role of the Cartographic Canon, and the role of Critique, are also explored, and a few design resources are identified.

Mark E. Denil

sui generis
independent cartographer and theorist

Mark Denil is a cartographer and cartographic theorist of over two decades standing, and has held senior positions in government and nongovernmental (non-profit) mapping institutions. He is a graduate of post-secondary educational institutions in the US, Canada, and The Netherlands, culminating in a Master of Fine Art Degree in Design, with a specialty in Cartographic Design. His MFA thesis, "Cartographic Design, Rhetoric and Persuasion" was published in the journal Cartographic Perspectives (45) in 2002, as have several of his other articles touching on cartographic design and theory.


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William Cartwright

RMIT University

Professor William Cartwright AM is Professor of Cartography in the School of Science at RMIT University, Austtralia. He teaches in th fields of Cartography and Distributed Mapping. His major research interest is the application of integrated media to cartography and the exploration of different metaphorical approaches to the depiction of geographical information.


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6110.1 - A Practical Framework for Cartographic Design

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