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4107.2 - Thematic Map Section of the Statistical Abstract of Israel

Tuesday, July 4
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One of the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics' main publications is the "Statistical Abstract of Israel". This publication is updated on a yearly basis and consists of three sections: tables, diagrams and maps.
The map collection is a special addition to the Statistical Abstract. It includes thematic maps which present spatial distribution of demographic, social, and economic statistics on the State of Israel.
The maps are designed to provide a general perspective of the phenomenon being presented, from national distribution to geographic and administrative divisions – choropleth maps of districts, sub-districts, natural regions, and proportional symbol maps for localities or roads. The maps provide illustrations of the statistical data at all of these levels, and are thus a useful tool for the CBS's broad target audience, which includes researchers, university students, pupils, and the public at large.
As the map section is part of a master publication, the maps appear in the same order as the chapters and topics in the Statistical Abstract. For the user's convenience, links are added to most of the maps, in the form of hyper-links and QR scan codes. This enables direct access to the data in the maps.
The map section uses a generic template of Israel, its' immediate surrounding countries and main seas and lakes. There are several uniform cartographic elements that are designed and placed on the template, giving it the appearance of an official governmental statistical atlas.
In order to give an official effect, and in order to comply with OECD demands for statistical mapping of Israel, a few guidelines are followed: A) each of the topics presented in the maps is represented by numeric and color codes, where the shades of each color indicates the intensity of the topic under investigation – a darker shade of color indicates a higher intensity of the phenomenon, and a lighter shade indicates a weaker intensity. B) Each map has its own custom made legend that consists of details of the measured unit, the color code, symbol key, scale bar, copyright notice and comments. Code keys to the administrative divisions are added in relevant maps. C) The maps show the borders of the specific geographic unit presented. For a general perspective of the administrative divisions and the different statuses of Israel's' borders, a key reference map is given at the beginning of the map section. D) Areas with partial coverage: The maps relate to the bureau's authority to collect statistical data within Israel. This includes data on Israeli localities in the Judea and Samaria area as well. When such data is available, it is presented on the map as all other localities in Israel, with a label indicating the data in that area refers only to Israeli localities. Areas with partial coverage also have a different background colour.
The maps are provided in PDF format and are available for free download. Map data may be downloaded in excel format for free All maps are available in Hebrew and in English. It is taken into account that each map may be found on a web search separately, so the maps are designed to be independent, with no need to go to other sources in order to interpret the maps' codes.
In addition to the PFD format atlas, it is intended to make use of the ICBS's new website to make the data available as interactive maps, which enable a much wider variety of display of subjects on multiple geographic division levels. This means users will be able to quarry the map and produce a statistical map at the geographical level of his/her choice.

Oren Raz

Cartographer and GIS specialist
Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics

I studied geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Cartographer for the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics for the past 5 years. In charge of map design, production and publication for the Bureau.
I specialize in thematic maps, but also referacnce maps for surveyors etc.
Secratery of the Israeli Cartography and GIS Society and Israel's National Delegate for the ICA General Assembly.


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4107.2 - Thematic Map Section of the Statistical Abstract of Israel

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