What's In It For Me?

Tuesday, May 9
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM
Room: Frisco

Format: Deep Dive
Level: Intermediate

Explore the psychology behind user adoption and what motivates people to change. We will do an exercise to pro-actively help you determine the next steps your organizations must take so the users answer the question "What's in it for me?" in a way that inspires change. You will also get to define for yourself as a leader "What is in it for you?" This will allow you to push through even the most difficult aspects of the change management process.

Tabetha Sheaver

PA Group

Tabetha Sheaver is PA Group’s CRM Practice Director. With her dedication for customer satisfaction through excellent delivery, she focuses on leading the team and developing intellectual property in order to accelerate solution delivery and help clients mitigate the common risks associated with software implementations.

Tabetha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Art Technology Management from Central Missouri State University (University of Missouri Central). She currently serves as a member of the American Marketing Associations CMO Roundtable committee, is a International Coach Federation member, and Prosci practitioner. She is also a certified PMP and active participant in PMI.

Prior to joining PA Group, Tabetha has held roles in practice management, business development, account management, workflow improvement, B2B and B2C marketing. Her past experience has established a broad foundation of understanding of business needs. Her ability to understand the big picture but also delve into the details helps her excel at managing teams and projects.

At PA Group, Tabetha oversees a holistic delivery approach and brand strategy. She is passionate about cultivating opportunities and growing demand for PA Group’s services alongside the team. Tabetha sits on the leadership team and assists in setting the company strategy, goals and annual targets. In addition to her management role, Tabetha brings value to our clients by providing organizational change management expertise, project and program management consulting and business process strategy assistance.


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What's In It For Me?

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