Thematic Symposa

Genetic and Epigenetic Control of Immune Responses

Friday, June 16
1:00 PM - 2:45 PM

William Greenleaf

Asst Professor
Stanford Department of Genetics

William Greenleaf is an Assistant Professor in the Genetics Department at Stanford University School of Medicine, with a courtsey appointment in the Applied Physics Department. His highly interdisciplinary research links molecular biology, computer science, and genomics methods, to understand how the physical state of the human genome controls gene regulation and biological state. His long-term goal is to unlock an understanding of the physical “regulome” — i.e. the factors that control how the genetic information is read into biological instructions in health and disease.


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Nir Hacohen

Associate Professor
Harvard University

Nir Hacohen, PhD, Director, Center for Cancer Immunology, Massachusetts General Hospital; Institute Member, Broad Institute


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Alex Marson

Assistant Professor
University of California, San Franisco


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Genetic and Epigenetic Control of Immune Responses

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