Partner Pre-Day: Leadership

Partner Pre-Day

Making Smaller Circles – A Learning Method to Drive Individual Sales Effectiveness

Monday, March 20
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Room: Grand Ballroom J

Format: Presentation


Sales Effectiveness is driven by the combination of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), ad XQ (Execution Quotient). Their is a process to learning that will help you and your team focus on building your sales IQ naturally. This will build your team's ability to execute it under pressure. Building on the foundation of Josh Waitzkin’s book, The Art Of Learning, come explore how to make a personal development plan that will help you learn, internalize, and start to intuitively use the tactics and techniques of top sales performers.

Greg Hauenstein

Senior Account Executive

I love helping clients succeed - whether that involves going paperless, redesigning business processes, leveraging automation for the first time, extending other applications like Microsoft Dynamics, or creating new solutions with technology.

What Success Means
Clients' create success through the mutual exploration of real business problems or goals they have not been able to achieve themselves. The time spent with each other allows us to agree on what truly matters to the organization and move beyond discussions of features. A client’s success is realized when they can create a solution that generates measurable returns.

In the past 3 years, I have explored ideas for improvement with over 300 organizations. The solutions presented are unique to each client’s situation, involving different technologies to help them succeed. Clients have been able to realize over $18,000,000 in annual value through the application of these solutions. Some examples include:
♦ Creating an automated invoice processing solution to annually process $1.2 billion in payables and generate $10,000,000 in additional revenue capacity.
♦ Developing cloud document management strategies with multi-year investments of over $1,000,000 eliminating the need to store 30 years of employee files.
♦ Creating a new process with a national rental car agency to process tolls ensuring over $4,000,000 of annual revenue is captured and savings $840,000 a year in labor costs through systems integration and creating a seamless process from infraction to billing the customer.
♦ Eliminated $3,000,000 of compliance risk for a healthcare group using capture and process improvement technologies.


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Making Smaller Circles – A Learning Method to Drive Individual Sales Effectiveness

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