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MP26-15: Interpret Uroflowmetry Scientifically: Grade and Pattern

Saturday, May 13
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: BCEC: Room 160

Presentation Authors: Stephan Shei-Dei Yang*, Shang-Jen Chang, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Introduction: Low inter-rater's agreement has made uroflowmetry, one of the most important diagnostic tools, more art than science. We presented a novel grade and pattern system to interpret uroflowmetry scientifically.

Methods: Totally 1240 uroflowmetry curves from healthy children and 300 curves from pediatric patients with LUTS were reviewed by two independent experts in urodynamics. Then this model was used to teach 6 young urologists and revised according to their responses. Finally, 6 objective parameters are used to assign grade and pattern of each uroflowmetry curve: bladder volume (BV), main curve percentage (MCP), number of deep drops, Qmax, rising angle (the angle between Qmax and time to Qmax), and flow index (Qmax/ &[root]bladder volume).

Results: Table summarizes the definitions of grade 1 and 3 curves. Grade 1 curves are regarded as normal and imply no bladder outlet obstruction, Grade 2 curves are equivocal, and Grade 3 curves are highly suggestive of lower urinary tract dysfunction. Grade 2 curves are those not fit for grade 1 or 3. Grade 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2 and 3 curves were noted in 305 (24.6%), 24 (1.9%), 816 (65.8%), 65 (5.2%) and 30 (2.4%), respectively. Grade 3 plateau or staccato curves were not observed.

Conclusions: Based on 6 objective parameters a novel grade and pattern of uroflowmetry is developed to interpret it scientifically and to increase inter-rater's agreement in the future.

Source Of Funding: None

Stephan Shei-Dei Yang, MD, PhD

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

Stephen Shei-Dei Yang is currently a professor of urology in Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital. His main area of research interests are pediatric urology, lower urinary tract dysfunction. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles and serves as reviewers or editors of many journals. He is currently Editor in Chief of Urological Science, vice President of Asian Association of UTI, STI, Secretary General of Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Urology, board member of Taiwan Continence Society and Taiwan Andrological Association and Go-South Urological Foundation.


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MP26-15: Interpret Uroflowmetry Scientifically: Grade and Pattern

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