Panel Presentation

(T3-01) Various Applications of Telemedicine in a Highly Diversified Health Care Company

Sunday, April 23
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
Location: W331 A

This moderated panel discussion will examine the overall strategy and various telemedicine use cases within a diversified health care company, highlighting key learnings as well as future opportunities to more deeply assimilate telemedicine into the overall care delivery continuum and expand access to care

Learning Objectives:

Karen Silgen

Vice President, Network Strategy and Innovation

Karen Silgen is Vice President of Network Strategy and Innovation at UnitedHealthcare, where she focuses on enhancing the company's care provider and customer relationships through the development of new, innovative solutions. In her role, Karen helps create and implement value-based solutions that include high-performing Centers of Excellence networks, custom employer solutions, and telehealth programs.

Prior to this role, Karen served as a Vice President at Optum, where she developed programs that helped consumers with complex conditions such as end stage renal disease, sickle cell disease and infertility. Karen has a long and diverse history with UnitedHealth Group since 2005, and her career spans more than 20 years serving in leadership positions within Product Development, Network Management and Marketing.

Recognized for her leadership and forward thinking, UnitedHealth Group awarded Karen the Innovation Leadership Shadow Award in 2014 which is bestowed upon select leaders who make innovation a priority while demonstrating the company’s values.


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Karen K. Scott

Sr. Director, Product and Innovation

Karen K. Scott is an award-winning leader of product and innovation for UnitedHealthcare with over twenty-five years experience in the healthcare field. In her current role, Karen oversees the national strategy and development of new models to deliver care and coverage to UnitedHealthcare commercial plan participants. Her responsibilities include creating new and innovative models to enable for virtual visits, telehealth and on-site care delivery solutions, reimbursement policies and enhanced consumer experiences.


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Don Graf

National Telemedicine Director

Don Graf currently serves as the National Director of Telemedicine with UnitedHealthcare. During the past twenty years, Don has sustained a consistent record of developing successful telemedicine programs that deliver medical services to patients living rural hard to reach communities.
Don has received national best practice awards for innovative use of telehealth technology and has published works addressing healthcare disparity among medically complex children living in isolated Native American Navajo communities.
During the several years, he has actively participated in telehealth reform initiatives by serving on local regional and national boards and committees. Don currently serves on the American Medical Association Telehealth Coding Task Force, the National Quality Forum Telehealth Committee and the American Telemedicine Association Education Committee.


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Lo Fu Tan

Associate Medical Director, On Demand Medicine
Southwest Medical, A Part of OptumCare

Dr. Tan is a board certified Family Physician with extensive clinical experience in underserviced care ranging from remote regions in Canada and Wyoming to the urban setting of Las Vegas. His practices have included academic teaching, comprehensive family medicine, emergency medicine, and urgent care. With his training in Preventive Medicine, he has embraced Evidence-Based Medicine and Population Health Management throughout his career . He works full-time in urgent care, and is a leader of the urgent care group that includes a 24/7 virtual clinic that has 12,000 patient visits annually. His research interests focus on clinical quality and access. He founded the Telemedicine Research Group that recently published an original article on the quality of care for upper respiratory tract infections seen virtually on telemedicine compared to in person at urgent care.

He wishes to thank the conference attendees who will be at his presentations.


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(T3-01) Various Applications of Telemedicine in a Highly Diversified Health Care Company

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