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Oral Presentation

(OI7-03) Robust Telehealth Provider Training in Academic Medical Center

Monday, April 24
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: Tangerine Ballroom

Provider training is key to any telehealth program's success. However, one approach to training does not work with all providers. In this session we will discuss one organization's approach to training across inpatient, outpatient, and home scenarios. Real world examples, and lessons learned will be provided for case based learning.
Provider training needs to be a multi-faceted approach, but should include a hand on component. As we moved to system wide utilization, we developed key objectives within our organization that would be consistent across training. We knew that approaches to that training needed to meet many different user needs, experience levels, and time constraints. We developed a curriculum for training that could be adapted for individual, small group, as well as large faculty group trainings and set our minimum objectives. Training included hands on training and document review. This far we have completed training with 426 provider over the last 18 months. We solicited feedback via survey after the in person training (23% response rate) and saw 93% of those that completed the survey were satisfied with the quality of the training program. Additionally, 89% of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that they could apply what they learned to their job.
Our training resources needed to include a variety of methods for providers to reinforce what they had learned. We incorporated the use of telemedicine into the existing and ongoing simulation training for our inpatient users. Equipment was installed in our simulation center to mirror what was available in the unit and used for in situ simulations. We learned key lessons from this simulation related to placement of people, equipment, and role definition that allowed us to modify our work flow. We continue to have telemedicine as a key part of the debrief from each in situ simulation in that unit. Additionally we have written job aids with heavy images for reinforcement and refresh of learning. These are available online, at the point of care deliver, and available in hard copy at training. We also created short video job aids that allow users to identify key problem areas for themselves, and watch a video segment specific to that issue. Finally, we created telemedicine encounters within our EMR playground to allow for illustration and training on some of the nuances of documentation.
Finally, required refresh training for key staff is essential to our approach. For our inpatient bedside staff, who serve as presenters, we require a mock consult completion meeting nine key objectives to be done twice a year. Our clinical managers on the inpatient team need to not only complete the two mock consults annually, but also participate in additional training that includes common user error issues as demonstrate their ability to train a new or uncomfortable staff on basics. Mock sessions have also been implemented in several of our outpatient and home based programs as well. Case based learning will also be presented to highlight lessons learned in developing a robust telehealth provider training program.

Learning Objectives:

Jennifer G. Ruschman

Director of Telehealth
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Jennifer Gamm Ruschman is the Director of Telehealth at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and her Master's Degree in Genetic Counseling from Johns Hopkins. She is a healthcare professional with a diverse background. She provided clinical genetic counseling services for several years before diversifying her expereicnes. Experiences include product/service development, project management, and relationship management. Her focus has been healthcare operations and Ms. Ruschman enjoys fields that require strong technical background. She helped to develop the Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in 2013, and has served as the Director of that Center since its inception. Her team has developed over 50 different pediatric telehealth programs in inpatient, outpatient, and home settings.


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Vanessa Hartman

Specialist, Center for Telehealth
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Vanessa is a specialist in the Center for Telehealth and has been with the center since 2013. She is primarily in charge of development materials and conducting end user training for telehealth providers. Prior to this role she had various positions within the medical center.


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(OI7-03) Robust Telehealth Provider Training in Academic Medical Center

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