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(V8-01) Remote Patient Monitoring: Impacting the Triple Aim

Monday, April 24
2:45 PM - 3:04 PM
Location: W230 BC

Remote Patient Monitoring: Impacting the Triple Aim will provide insight and opportunity to healthcare providers that will enhance the service delivery currently provided through traditional means.
The presentation will describe the history of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society's LivingWell@Home service and its team of nurse and data review specialists that focuses on remote patient monitoring. The presentation will explain the lessons learned from research and early deployment of the LivingWell@Home service.
LivingWell@Home is designed to help people live as well and as independently as possible. By tracking vital health information, managing medications, identifying changes in sleep and activity patterns, and detecting falls and sudden illness, LivingWell@Home allows individuals and their caregivers to take proactive steps to maintain and enhance well-being. Remote patient monitoring can help people stay in control of their health by finding potential risks that impact their well-being, while providing peace of mind through early detection and intervention.
One important point that will be highlighted is the pivot and present state of remote patient monitoring. This pivot is now leveraging technology to enhance client/patient outcomes by aligning with the triple aim of better outcomes, better client/patient satisfaction and reduced costs.
A focus will be placed on the Affordable Care Act and the impending shift of healthcare moving toward bundled payments and quality versus the historical fee-for-service environment. Remote patient monitoring can support this change and delay transfers to higher levels of care.
Metrics on industry standards show utilization of telehealth and how it relates to re-hospitalizations both with and without remote patient monitoring. Other metrics demonstrate that remote patient monitoring increases client/patient engagement in their wellness and an overall decrease in emergency room visits and unplanned hospitalizations. Special emphasis will be placed upon predictive analytics and leveraging of such to aid in early intervention before a serious health event occurs

Learning Objectives:

Sherrie Petersen

Director, LivingWell@Home
Good Samaritan Society - LivingWell@Home

Sherrie Petersen is the director of LivingWell@Home, the newest service line of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society. She has been part of this emerging business since 2010. Her background includes 20 years in healthcare management and she has worked in all aspects of healthcare delivery. Sherrie has an undergraduate degree in social work / psychology and a graduate degree in business administration with a management emphasis. She strives to see the day when a firm understanding of what remote patient monitoring can provide in enhancing the health outcomes for persons with chronic health conditions is fully achieved.


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(V8-01) Remote Patient Monitoring: Impacting the Triple Aim

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