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(DTC12-03) Pets and Telemedicine -- Catching up or Groundbreaking?

Tuesday, April 25
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: W224 CD

In short, attendees will get the first look at data from over 8,000 interactions with pet parents beginning in January of 2015. The session will briefly outline the journey to bring telemedicine to the companion animal space, including barriers, opportunities and enormous market opportunity. Secondly, because our veterinary expert team was able to track the behaviors and issues confronting over 600,000 pet parents, whiskerDocs has studied the issues pet parents face, the decisions they need to make and the impact to their pets' health and wellness made by having expert veterinary guidance at their fingertips when its needed most. Our findings include channel preferences (chat, email, phone, mobile), most common health concerns that prompt action, pet parent perception of actions they need to take, and barriers to taking appropriate steps Finally, we'll look at what our experiences have taught us so far about what pet parents are needing from this industry and the enormous potential for solution providers. Attendees will also get a quick look at the rapid fire release of mobile pet solutions directed at the consumer.

Learning Objectives:

Debra Leon

Whiskers Worldwide, LLC

Debra Leon is the founder and CEO of whiskerDocs, the first 24/7 multi-channel decision support help line for pet owners. According to Ms. Leon, "Instant access to validated, trustworthy information is no less important in the pet space than it is in human healthcare. In fact, while traditional companion animal health and wellness organizations stumble in their journey to understand the impact, pet parents are already embracing the technologies that provide real time support and education for their families. The expectation is for the same levels of service, quality and access that they've come to rely on in their human experience."

With origins in high tech call centers, including Sprint PCS, Ms. Leon spent several years with CorSolutions Medical, a leading provider of telephonic health and wellness management solutions. Her next venture was the founding of Health Contact Partners, providing 24/7 telephonic and on line decision support to over 7 million families in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Health Contact Partners, sold in 2008 to Trustmark of Lake Forest, Illinois. Seeing the need for the same level of real time access for families with pets, Ms. Leon founded whiskerDocs, the first 24/7 real time, multi-channel Decision Support service for families with pets. Launched in the fall of 2013, whiskerDocs quickly became the standard bearer for Pet Help Line services, providing services to over 600,000 pet insurance plan owners and online pet services such as mail order pharmacy.


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(DTC12-03) Pets and Telemedicine -- Catching up or Groundbreaking?

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