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(T10-03) New Incentive Models Will Drive a Major Shift in Telehealth

Tuesday, April 25
11:25 AM - 11:45 AM
Location: W331 A

Clinicians are often the primary gatekeepers to adoption of new virtual care technologies, and bringing about their widespread use of telemedicine technology is a challenge in many organizations. How can we provide value to the clinician and the patient with telemedicine, in light of the economic realities of current and future reimbursement and compensation models?

Based on a decade of research, pilots and implementation of telemedicine technologies, Mass General Hospital and Partners Healthcare have developed telehealth offerings designed to meet the changing economic landscape and overcome the hurdle of clinician adoption. In particular, asynchronous approaches to patient care offer broad appeal and show rapid adoption, just as they have in human interaction, shopping, relationships, finance and almost every other aspect of our lives. These represent a sea change in delivering care that will be increasingly essential and obvious in the coming years.

We will discuss the changing healthcare economics driving this research and the resulting telehealth solution portfolios designed to meet the needs of clinicians, Population Health Management, value based incentives and increased risk bearing by providers.

Learning Objectives:

Ronald F. Dixon

Medical Director, Population Health and Network Development
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Ronald Dixon is an Internist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Medical Director, Population Health and Network Development. He is the Creator and Director of the Chronic Care E-visit Program at MGH and an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Dixon’s interests are in alternative methods of healthcare delivery, relating both to primary and specialty care. His research over the years has focused on both synchronous and asynchronous modes of care delivery.


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John W. Schmucker

Virtual Care Lead
Partners HealthCare

John Schmucker, MBA, leads product development and operations for Massachusetts General Hospital’s Asynchronous Virtual Visit program. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and earned an MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has worked in the software industry for over 20 years for companies including Siemens and Intershop Communications, and now consults to healthcare organizations.


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(T10-03) New Incentive Models Will Drive a Major Shift in Telehealth

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