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(EP-162) Improvement of the Performance of the General Practitioner Consultation Through Medical Teleconcept

Tuesday, April 25
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM
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The management of organizations of health care within a population implies greater challenges every time due to the complexity of elements and variables that determine the results and limited effectiveness of an articulated system regarding the level of health of each user. Today´s medical attention is characterized by greater demands on knowledge, more elements included in patient care, higher commitments to quality care and increasing participation of human, technological and administrative resource.
Current methodologies of organization and delivery of health services does not cover all expectations of patients nor of their families partly due to the science and technology involved in providing health services: knowledge, experience, specific interventions, devices and drugs have moved much faster than the ability to dispense this knowledge and technology in safe, effective and efficient manner.
How to achieve better health outcomes, improved quality of services, greater involvement of patients in their healthcare attention, improved perceptions of the real system and favorable outcomes with the application of all available resources?

The transformation of health systems requires, among others, strengthening, management and efficiency in general medicine (primary care physicians). Primary care health requires increasingly better informed physicians, constant support, with immediate availability of more effective knowledge and with the possibility to implement patient engagement in the management of the health care. It is necessary that the primary care practice increases value even more in the complete cycle of care.

This breakthrough in medical care has important effects on effective and perceived quality consultation, the same thing that controls the inappropriate use of medical specialist consultation reduces unnecessary use of diagnostic tests and clinical laboratories. Additionally, it makes specialist consultation now that the patient arrives comprehensively checked with the necessary information so that the specialist can make decisions and guide the case.

The transformation and strengthening of the general practitioner today makes it possible with the use of information technology, education and communication. The inclusion of care, treatment guidelines, alert and prevention systems adverse events or errors, even mobile applications in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) protocols are now widely available for help and consultation support. However, the consultation process remains an individual, autonomous and solitary exercise if you want and demand of expertise, memory and level of knowledge of the doctor who performs it.

The inclusion of Teleconcept in the armamentarium of primary care management physicians contribute greatly to achieving these objectives. Teleconcept, known as a tool of telehealth, allows that the primary care physician count online and synchronously with the support and clinical concept of all medical specialists required at the time of the query to achieve more effective attention and add value in the care process through the information and communications technology.

Medical specialists enrolled in this process are always available and when the required primary care physician requires them, in a synchronized manner with the primary care consultation physician offering medical history and collectively analyzing the case, completing the examination and diagnostic support whilst deciding to request and share the therapeutic indications of the case. Additionally the doctor continues the care process through monitoring and case management including remote satellite is continued, and the patient has the possibility from that moment to interact with the therapeutic team that has performed the attention, to ask questions and advance his or her treatment or coordinate further consultations.

The teleconcept doctor has had a major deployment in Colombia, South America with a widespread practice in remote and inaccessible areas as well allowed for the concept of a medical specialist synchronously in the office of the primary care physician and its results have been impacting on care costs, decreasing the reference to medical specialist, the cost of transportation, the use of diagnostic and clinical support whilst improving patient satisfaction. Today it is possible to note the realization of 120,000 teleconceptos with favorable results.

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Julian Carvajal


I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I attended the school of medicine at Universidad El Bosque. I then successfully completed and MBA y eight years ago I founded a company called Salus Global P which provides innovative health services. One of these services is the teleconcept project implemented more than a year ago in Colombia.


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(EP-162) Improvement of the Performance of the General Practitioner Consultation Through Medical Teleconcept

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