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(EP-114) Implementation of Tele-Psychotherapy: Practitioner Persepectives

Monday, April 24
4:00 PM - 4:14 PM
Location: Experience Zone - ePosters

The purpose of this evidence-based practice (EBP) change project presentation is to provide mental health providers with valuable insight and feed-forward regarding implementing a sustainable tele- psychotherpay care delivery model.

Description of the actual project:

This project specifically addressed the development of a policy that supported the practice change, the implementation of the change, as well as the evaluation of its effectiveness in increasing mental health care access to a broader population.

Intervention: The intervention included the development and implementation of a policy based procedural guide, which utilized a patient screening tool that assisted in the formal implementation of tele-psychotherapy within the identified practice. The American Telemedicine Association (ATA, 2013) practice guidelines for video-based online mental health services served as the foundational construct for the practice's specific policy and standard of care development throughout this project. These guidelines addressed the practice of licensed behavioral health providers that wished to provide mental health care a via single point videoconference between the patient and the therapist (ATA, 2013).

Comparison: This project assessed the providers' level of satisfaction and their perception as to the efficacy of the tele-psychotherapy intervention. In addition, data was collected to determine if the intervention produced an increase in access for additional client populations. It should be noted that the satisfaction data was focused on the providers and not the patient population served.

• The development and implementation of an evidence-based practice procedure to deliver tele-psychotherapy to mental health patients.
• The development and implementation of a client screening tool to determine the effectiveness of tele-psychotherapy.

Learning Objectives:

Pasquale V. Iemma

Doctoral Graduate
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Dr. Iemma has been in practice as a Registered Professional Nurse since 1989. He holds two professional certifications, Inpatient Obstetrics (NCC) and Nursing Professional Development (ANCC). Both his clinical and academic practices have spanned from the maternal-child arena, medical surgical, peri-operative, healthcare leadership and most recently mental health. In addition, Dr. Iemma has practiced for over 16 years as an NCLEX RN preparation expert working with at risk populations to leverage their testing outcomes. Dr. Iemma currently provides change management consulting services for both acedemic and clinical practice settings.


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(EP-114) Implementation of Tele-Psychotherapy: Practitioner Persepectives

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