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(DTC10-01) Children’s Health to Family Health: Leveraging Technology to Increase Access to Care

Tuesday, April 25
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Location: W224 CD

For more than 100 years, Children's Health has been making life better for children across North Texas. With two full-service hospitals, multiple specialty centers and 20 primary care practices, we are able to provide an expanded breadth of care and meet families where they are and provide the highest level of care and treatment possible. Through our evolution as a health system-as we increase access points to quality care-we discovered that the health of any child or individual is really dependent upon the health of the family. Caring for the whole family is a natural part of this evolution and gives us an opportunity to serve more children and families in more places than ever before - leveraged by technology. Through Family Health, families can receive care when and where they need it most by seeing a medical provider in the comfort of their home, from a video kiosk in a local pharmacy or even through their mobile device.

Two programs to be discussed include:

Family Health On Call formerly known as Mend-is a mobile application that provides on-demand, in-home medical care for common illnesses and injuries, including strains, sprains, ear infections, allergies and many other non-life- or limb-threatening health issues.

Family Health Virtual Visit provides electronic access to a health care provider through state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant technology at a local pharmacy kiosk, and via smartphone, tablet or computer for each visit thereafter. The program currently serves health system employees and convenient on-campus locations, providers in the clinically integrated network leverage the platform for their own patients and local pharmacies.

This panel will provide an overview of the consumer strategy of an evolving healthcare system, implementation lessons learned from an operational and marketing perspective and evaluation metrics to determine return on investment through new market capture, continuity of care, and patient/family retention.

Learning Objectives:

Julie Hall-Barrow

Vice President, Virtual Health and Innovation
Children's Health, Dallas

Dr. Julie Hall-Barrow is the vice president of virtual health and innovation at Children’s Health, the leading pediatric health system in North Texas. Since joining Children’s Health in October 2015, Dr. Hall-Barrow has strategically guided the system’s use of technology to increase access to quality health care, extending care beyond the hospital walls and into the communities where families live, learn and play.
She currently oversees one of the largest and fastest-growing school telemedicine programs in the country, as well as several unique and innovative virtual health programs like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), TeleNICU/ER and the development of mobile health applications including My Asthma Pal. The aim of these programs is to improve long-term health outcomes and empower patient families to become active drivers of their own health care. Under Dr. Hall-Barrow’s direction, Children’s Health is currently operationalizing existing programs and developing new avenues to sustain and grow virtual health platforms.
As a passionate advocate for innovation and technology, she has provided guidance on influential legislation including House Bill 1878, which allows any provider in the state of Texas to be reimbursed for school-based telemedicine. She has also provided outreach and collaboration with national technology and health care organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to seamlessly integrate technology into health care.
In addition to speaking on behalf of the Children’s Health system, Dr. Hall-Barrow has published research in peer-reviewed journals, presented around the globe on virtual health best practices, and been honored with many notable industry awards. In 2016, she was named one of the Most Powerful Women in Health Care IT by Health Data Management and was honored with the Achievement in Innovation in D CEO’s Excellence in Healthcare Awards.
Prior to joining Children’s Health, Dr. Hall-Barrow held leadership positions in health care transformation, including corporate health, chronic diseases management and telemedicine. She is considered a national and international expert in the field of telemedicine, including its use in pediatrics, neurology, emergent delivery methods and health care mobility. In Arkansas, she led the first statewide tele-stroke program and initiated the first statewide image repository program.
Dr. Hall-Barrow is the immediate past chair of the American Telemedicine Association Pediatric Special Interest Group, where she continues to provide leadership to both new and existing telehealth programs through education and research.
She holds a doctorate in higher education administration, a master’s degree in kinesiology and a bachelor’s degree in health education.


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Victoria Rodino

Manager, Virtual Health
Chldren's Health, Dallas

Victoria Rodino is the manager of Virtual Health and Innovation at Children’s Health System of Texas. Victoria has over ten years’ experience in healthcare organizational and IT system consulting, interface and platform integration, clinical operation management, and program administration. Victoria has contributed to national presentations in the fields of remote patient monitoring and direct to consumer healthcare. She has presented to the Texas Medical Board around the implementation of innovative Telemedicine applications. Victoria is completing her PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology.


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Tamara Perry

Director of Telehealth Operations
Children's Health, Dallas

Tamara Perry is the Director of Virtual Health Operations at Children’s Health System in Dallas, TX. Tamara has over 20 years of experience in communication and organization development. She has served as a national and international expert in the field of telemedicine; sharing her knowledge of telemedicine implementation, expansion and sustainability as a speaker at the American Telemedicine Association international conferences. Her work has been featured in the Hospitals & Health Networks’ Most Wired August 2016 issue, NRHA Rural Roads magazine and other publications. Her recent work includes directing the development of virtual health solutions ranging from school based telehealth programs throughout the DFW Metroplex to virtual visit kiosks in retail locations.


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(DTC10-01) Children’s Health to Family Health: Leveraging Technology to Increase Access to Care

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