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(DTC8-02) Bringing Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Applications to Rural Area’s to Increase Access to Care

Monday, April 24
3:05 PM - 3:24 PM
Location: W224 CD

Healthcare on Wheels (HCOW) is a very unique application of a direct to consumer application being utilized to bring access to care for residents of rural Alabama. HCOW is a public health related facility with the purpose to provide primary care services, health literacy and linkages to community resources in undeserved areas and amongst the vulnerable groups in remote areas on Alabama. Healthcare on Wheels is one of the most innovated mobile clinics. People in hard to reach areas no longer have to wait for the doctor visit. They can get care right away and only steps from their home. HCOW is a mobile clinic is equipped with two telemedicine exam rooms and connects back to Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital using the direct to consumer application Video Medicine.
Currently, the van travels daily into one of six counties in the Delta region of Alabama offering care to residents in need. The van addresses four specific 4 goals based on community needs: 1.) Reduce the disease and economic burden of chronic disease, 2.) Improve the quality of life for persons who have or are at risk of developing chronic disease, 3.) Increase outreach and linkage to other healthcare resources, 4.) Provide undergraduate nursing students rural clinical experience that will prepare them for post degree careers in primary care in rural health care setting.
By using Video Medicine, the van is able to access providers through the web, portable telemedicine kit, tablet and/or smart phone. The Video Medicine platform allows for HIPAA connections in low bandwidth area based on the unique separate video and sound based platform. Additionally, the platform allows for the use of peripheral devices such as an all in one camera, ECG, ultrasound and stethoscope allowing for a complete evaluation and treatment of the patient. Medical professionals on the van utilize the electronic health record (EHR) within the application, which seamlessly integrates with the EHR at Byran Whitfield Memorial Hospital. Because of Video Medicine's unparalleled platform, the patients are scheduled follow up appointments and receive reminders on their phone and email of the vans return to ensure continuity of care. Healthcare on Wheels is truly a unique program; bringing the use of a direct to consumer application to bettering the healthcare outcomes for residents in their community.

Learning Objectives:

Kelley J. Kesler

Director of Accounts
Salus Telehealth

Kelley Jo Kesler BIO

Kelley Jo Kesler is the Director of Accounts for Salus Telehealth. She has four years telemedicine program implementation experience and oversees all telemedicine projects for Salus Telehealth; previously Ms. Kesler served as Director of Spceial Projects for Global Partnership for Telehealth and Liaison Manager for Georgia Partnership for Telehealth. Ms. Kesler has a Master of Aeronautical Science and Leadership from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In addition to being a fulltime Director of Accounts, she is also a commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor.


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(DTC8-02) Bringing Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Applications to Rural Area’s to Increase Access to Care

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