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(EP-158) Telemedicine-Enabled Clinically Integrated Network Offers Physicians Alternative to Health System Assimilation

Monday, April 24
5:45 PM - 5:59 PM
Location: Experience Zone - ePosters

Health care reform and rapidly increasing market competition are driving independent physician practices to transform. Unfortunately, these smaller practices are often starved for the resources and expertise necessary to adopt new methods and technologies and thus find themselves facing a tough choice - join a large health system that has the needed resources or bear the considerable expense of transforming their practices on their own.  Although physicians often view joining a health system unfavorably - citing reduced consumer choice, increased panel size, elimination of physician autonomy, and reduced earning potential as key detriments - many do not have ability to maintain their independence and sacrifice their autonomy in exchange for transformation.

To provide an alternative to health system assimilation, a large group of independent providers in Michigan formed a Clinically Integrated Network which supports physician independence by offering systems and processes for transforming care and improving quality, collaboration, and care coordination while retaining practice autonomy and individuality. As a first step, the Clinically Integrated Network incorporated and expanded upon a direct-to-consumer telemedicine service recently established by one of the Network's member-practices.

The expansion of this service has created an innovative new Telemedicine Collaborative which enables member-practices to provide custom-branded virtual care to their patients and, importantly, to coordinate patient care across all participating practices. The web-based service offers the consumer access to multiple independent practices in a single online visit (sometimes within a single clinical encounter via multi-way video) and currently includes urgent care, primary care, and specialty care services. Behavioral health care and wellness services will be added soon. The Clinically Integrated Network and its Telemedicine Collaborative are being very well-received by the physician community and much of the recent interest in the Network is focused on the innovative new approach to telemedicine.

Independent physicians wishing to embrace transformation and adopt new models of care have had few options and have increasingly turned to health systems for resources and expertise, sacrificing individuality as a result. Today, physicians in Michigan have an alternative - the Clinically Integrated Network and its Telemedicine Collaborative - that helps practices transform and maintain independence.

Learning Objectives:

Barry Brown

Executive Director
Answer Health On Demand

Barry Brown is the Executive Director of Answer Health on Demand, an innovative new collaboration of independent physicians offering coordinated telemedicine care in Michigan. Barry is a creative problem solver with 15 years of management experience, 5 in integrated health care systems. His background is in the development of programs that focus on integrating clinical care with technology and transforming the way care is delivered. Skilled at condensing complex strategies into concise road maps and action plans, Barry achieves organizational objectives by inspiring and empowering high performing cross-functional teams.


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John Deveau

Medical Director
Answer Health on Demand

John has 15 years of full-time clinical emergency medicine experience, currently practicing in a rural Critical Access Hospital and a Level 1 Academic Trauma Center. He has held numerous administrative leadership positions, and currently has an Associate Clinical Professor appointment with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and serves as Vice President for Medical Management Specialists. Previously, he was a Clinical Medical Director for Blodgett Hospital and the Vice Chairman for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Spectrum Health. Though he leans “Green,” John represents a true house divided – having earned degrees from both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. John hopes to leverage his clinical and administrative experience to improve public health and access to care via telemedicine.


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Haley Kamp

Program Manager
Answer Health On Demand

Haley Kamp is the program manager for Answer Health. She has many years of experience in healthcare with both large health systems and smaller startup teams. Haley has experience in telemedicine, operations, and physician practices, with a passion for working with people and developing relationships. Haley is a graduate of Michigan State University and is an avid Spartan fan.


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(EP-158) Telemedicine-Enabled Clinically Integrated Network Offers Physicians Alternative to Health System Assimilation

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