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MON-A02 - Social Urbanism in Latin America and the Rebirth of the City

Monday, October 23
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM


Medellín, Colombia, has seen a remarkable evolution from “world’s most dangerous” to “world’s most innovative.” This session discusses the processes undertaken by the community, politicians, and academics that have permitted this transformation and have affected not only the face of the city, but its underlying human and social performance.

Learning Objectives:

Maria D. Bellalta

Dean, School of Landscape Architecture
Boston Architectural College

Maria Bellalta is Dean and faculty, School of Landscape Architecture, BAC, and teaches design theory and advanced interdisciplinaty studios on Social Urbanism. She has ongoing collaborations in Latin America with the UPB in Medellin, Colombia, and CMAS, Mexico City.
Maria is former Design Director for Martha Schwartz Partners where she worked on urban design, civic spaces and new urban landscapes throughout the United States and the Middle East. She has worked for prestigious design firms in Boston, including Sasaki Associates, Copley Wolff Design Group, and LTX Urban Landscapes Studio. Maria holds a MLA degree from Harvard, Graduate School of Design.


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Daniela Q. Coray

MLA Candidate/Research and Production Assistant
Boston Architectural College

Daniela Coray, MLA candidate, is research and production assistant for the School of Landscape Architecture at the BAC. With her background in landscape design, environmental art, and horticulture, Daniela has been crafting her career to merge these disciplines in the pursuit of a socially-focused practice. Daniela was awarded the Ada Huxtable Fellowship in Civic Engagement for 2016-2017. Her research interests include sociologically-led urban design, urban edge landscapes, and the role of landscape architecture in leading social and environmental justice movements in Latin America. Her MLA thesis focuses on urban/rural ecotones at the thresholds between Medellin's informal settlements.


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Lina M. Escobar Ocampo

Program Director, Landscape Design
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Lina Escobar is the Program Director for Landscape Design at UPB, the only existing master’s program in Colombia.

Following her degree in Architecture and Urbanism from UPB in 2001, Lina has been involved in landscape and conservation architecture projects throughout Colombia, including the development of a new nature reserve for Medellin, and the implementation of a ‘green belt’ around the city to promote ecological and social wellbeing. Her research interests cover city border landscapes, urban infrastructure upgrading, and the investigation of vertical landscape interventions. She sits on the academic counsel and the curriculum committee at UPB.


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MON-A02 - Social Urbanism in Latin America and the Rebirth of the City

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