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Education Session - Panel Format

MON-C05 - Productive Ecology: Hybrid Approaches for Landscape Design and Conservation

Monday, October 23
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Building on the trend of appropriating agricultural patterns and techniques in contemporary design, landscape architects could go further toward more significant engagement with productive landscapes. This panel will discuss three case studies across the Americas that redefine design and conservation approaches by weaving altered ecosystems with traditional agricultural practices.

Learning Objectives:

Steven N. Handel

Professor of Ecology
Harvard Graduate School of Design

He is a Visiting Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Department of Landscape Architect and Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Rutgers University. Handel is the Editor of the national journal Ecological Restoration, an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow of the Ecological Society of America, and an Honorary Member of ASLA. He received his B.A. in biology at Columbia University and Ph.D. in ecology and evolution at Cornell University. He has received ASLA Honor Awards for Analysis and Planning, Research, and Communications, and the Theodore Sperry Award for his urban restoration work from the Society for Ecological Restoration.


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Courtney A. Goode

Landscape Designer

Courtney Goode works in the Urban Studio at Sasaki where she brings ten years of combined experience in landscape architecture, visual media, and industrial design. Since 2007, she has undertaken numerous design research projects on the cultural and metabolic potentials of productive landscapes in Mexico, France, Thailand, Australia, and the US. She holds a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (2015), and a BFA in Design with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin (2008). She has lectured and exhibited her work nationally and internationally and contributed to numerous design publications.


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Flavio Sciaraffia

Landscape Planner and Analyst
GeoAdaptive, LLC

Flavio Sciaraffia is a landscape planner and partner at GeoAdaptive, LLC @Chile. He works at the landscape scale involving coupled socio-ecological systems, in which urbanization and landscapes are mutually dependent, making its management, design, and spatial understanding critical to address sustainability. His disciplinary scope is focused on addressing integrated conservation goals around land, water, biological and socio-cultural resources at the landscape level in growing urban regions with a concern in developing or underprivileged contexts. Flavio holds degrees in Architecture and Urban Design, and his projects have been awarded by ASLA, BSLA, and Harvard Innovation Lab.


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Sonja Vangjeli

Landscape Designer

Sonja Vangjeli is a Landscape Designer at Sasaki Associates where she contributes multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape to a wide range of projects in the Urban studio. She collaborates with Planners, Urban Designers, Architects and Ecologists to analyze complex sites and work toward design strategies that balance development priorities with cultural heritage, landscape conservation, and green infrastructure. Sonja is an alumnus of Harvard University Graduate School of Design, MLA 2016, and University of Waterloo, MArch 2013, and has been recognized with several awards including the ARCC King Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research.


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MON-C05 - Productive Ecology: Hybrid Approaches for Landscape Design and Conservation

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