Track 1: DOCUMENTATION AND DIAGNOSTICS – UNDERSTANDING HISTORIC PLACES / Volet 1 : Documentation et diagnostic – Comprendre les lieux historiques

East Block Rehabilitation Project : Get to know the building

Friday, October 13
10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

The East Block Rehabilitation project is one of the most important components of the Long Term Vision Plan of the Parliamentary Hill. The consortium DFS + Architecture 49 is the prime consultant in charge of this project which will be completed in 2020. The East Block is the most authentic building of the triad on the Hill and it's very level of integrity had to be protected during the numerous investigations we performed. Getting to know the building is probably the most fundamental aspect of a conservation project. The consultant team undertook a major investigation program in 2014 on the East Block and it is still ongoing after 3 years. The presentation will explain the challenges we faced during the investigation campaign and how the problems have been resolved in a mindset of having a minimal impact on the heritage fabric.

The following aspects will be included in the presentation:
- Review of 700 previous reports / drawings / sketches / historical pictures, etc...;
- Building's documentation (laser scan, photogrammetry, point cloud of the building is a very powerful tool which is used almost on a daily basis by the design team);
- Non destructive testing (GPR scan in the Southwest tower lobby, thermograpic scan);
- Exploratory openings in masonry walls, flat roofs, copper roofs, original Fox and Barrett floors, interior walls, etc..
- Test pits to review the foundations conditions at critical and strategic locations on the East Block;
- Coredrilling and borescope inspections in masonry walls;
- Monitoring of movements at the masonry of the Southwest tower. Monitoring post-construction (temp + RH) at the Northwest tower which was the pilot project;
- Material laboratory testing (mortar, stones, iron beams of floor structure, heritage concrete & grout, salts analysis at the Porte Cochere);
- Annual screening inspections of the envelope;
- Mocks-ups and solutions testing program (we tested different mortar mixes with mock-up panels on the building);
- Pilot project prior the Rehabilitation project took place - the pilot project included the full rehabilitation of the Northwest tower and started in 2006 and has been completed in 2013. DFS Inc Architecture and design was the prime consultant on this project.

The East Block project regrouped all possible investigation activities that a conservation project may require. The choice of the investigation methods to achieve our goals has been critical and carefully assessed by the design team. This project is a good example of how the information gathered from the multiple investigation techniques and methods has been converged to feed the design decisions.

Learning Objectives:

Pascal Létourneau, Senior Conservation Architect, APTI, ICOMOS, MOAQ

Architect Principal
DFS Inc architecture & design in consortium with Architecture 49

As principal with DFS architecture & design, Pascal has devoted his architectural career to heritage conservation, starting at the University of Montreal Architectural Conservation Program. He is the principal in charge of DFS’s conservation team of 19 heritage professionals. Pascal is the project manager on the East Block Rehabilitation Project Phase 1 and he has led the conservation work on many other major heritage projects, including Classified sites, from Building Condition Assessments through construction. His client base includes government bodies, such as Public Works and Government Services Canada (PSPC) and the Province of Quebec, as well as museums and churches.


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Stephen J. Kelley, FAIA, SE, FAPT, FUSICOMOS

Stephen J Kelley, Inc.

Stephen J. Kelley is a registered architect and structural engineer in private practice who has devoted these two skills to the preservation of our built cultural heritage. With 35 years of experience, his projects range from small to immense, simple to sophisticated and cover a wide range of building materials and systems. His award-winning projects are located throughout the United States but he has also worked on significant projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean basin. He has published widely on various aspects of preservation and is an educator who has taught at the university level thus sharing his experience with the next generation of preservation professionals. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the US Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (US/ICOMOS) and the Association for Preservation Technology (APT) and was elevated to Fellowship in both organizations. He is a UNESCO Tangible Heritage Expert and is Vice President of the International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH).


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East Block Rehabilitation Project : Get to know the building

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