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Disseminating Motivational Interviewing in a Pediatric Hospital Setting

Sunday, November 19
10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Location: Aqua Salon C & D, Level 3, Aqua Level

Keywords: Motivational Interviewing | Dissemination | Health Care System
Presentation Type: Symposium

Background: MI has been shown effective in a variety of adult and pediatric medical contexts (Gregory & Channon, 2009). Although most health providers feel confident in medical knowledge, fewer than half feel confident motivating patients (O’May, 2016). Further, a recent study found 56% of pediatric residents want additional MI training to enhance clinical skills (Frintner et al., 2016). Researchers have begun evaluating MI dissemination models for healthcare providers. Several studies have found improvements in providers’ MI confidence, skills, and knowledge as well as improved patient health behaviors after MI training (e.g., Cook et al., 2016; Dunn et al., 2016; Burton et al., 2016; Gecht-Silver et al., 2016, Pollak et al., 2016). Yet, some studies find not all medical providers appear capable of reaching MI proficiency (Mertens et al., 2016). The current study describes outcomes associated with a 4-hour MI workshop and with a more intensive MI training program for pediatric health providers. Methods: Data collection remains ongoing. Presently, 81 pediatric providers (Age M(SD) =  37.5(9.76); 71% female) have completed a 4-hour MI workshop and 8 providers (Age M(SD) =  53.8(11.23); 88% female) have completed the workshop plus a 10-session intensive MI training with individualized feedback at each session. All participants complete an MI knowledge questionnaire and rate MI confidence (4-point scale) and desire to use MI (4-point scale) pre- and post-workshop. Participants in the intensive training also complete these measures post-training and provide audio recordings of mock MI sessions at each training session (coded via MITI 4.2.1). Preliminary Results: A t-test reveals significant knowledge change pre- (M(SD)=46%, 16%) to post-workshop (M(SD)=74%, 11%), t(71)=24.21, p <.01. Regression analyses show specialty, age, and years of practice predicted post-workshop knowledge. Medical and mental health providers’ post-workshop knowledge did not significantly differ. Of participants who completed intensive 10-session training, 88% reached expert-level MI proficiency as indicated by at least 2 contiguous mock MI sessions. Data collection will conclude 7/20/2017. 

Melissa A. Faith

Licensed Psychologist, Assistant Professor
Children's Health – Children's Medical Center/University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


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Disseminating Motivational Interviewing in a Pediatric Hospital Setting

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