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Mini Workshop

Mini Workshop 2 - Taking ERP From Treatment Manual to Your Patients: A (Fun) Guide to Application

Friday, November 17
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Sapphire Ballroom O & P, Level 4, Sapphire Level

Keywords: ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) | Anxiety | Cognitive Biases / Distortions
Presentation Type: Mini Workshop
Level of Familiarity: Basic to Moderate

For the beginning therapist, anxious patients can be intimidating, as can the idea of exposing someone to the very thing that they fear. The treatment of anxiety disorders will be reviewed in this talk through the lens of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. Instead of focusing on the diagnosis of anxiety, this workshop will be a practical application of how to utilize ERP to treat anxiety disorders in your very first sessions after you go home from the conference. Specific CBT and ERP techniques for Panic, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, school anxiety, and specific phobias will be reviewed, as well as how to present the treatment to a patient so they will actually understand the rationale for it. If you are a student, no matter what level, attend this talk to see how to take what you have learned in the textbooks and really apply it to your patients. Be ready to have some fun and learn the practical uses of humor, self-disclosure, YouTube, and props. This talk will be entertaining and educational.

Learning Objectives:

Recommended Reading: McGrath, P. (2007). The OCD answer book. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks.
Burns, D. (1980). Feeling good: The new mood therapy. New York: William Morrow.
Abramowitz, J., Deacon, B., & Whiteside, S. (2012). Exposure therapy for anxiety: Principles and practice. New York: Guilford.

Patrick B. McGrath

AVP Residential Services
AMITA Health

Dr. McGrath is the Assistant Vice President of Residential Services at AMITA Health, Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital and the Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center. Dr. McGrath has treated anxiety disorders using CBT and ERP for over 16 years. He gives talks and trainings both nationally and internationally, supervises students in CBT and ERP, and is the President of OCD Midwest, a not for profit OCD Awareness organization.


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Mini Workshop 2 - Taking ERP From Treatment Manual to Your Patients: A (Fun) Guide to Application

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