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Mini Workshop

Mini Workshop 8 - Integrating Mind Over Mood (2nd Ed.) With Evidence-Based Practice

Friday, November 17
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Location: Sapphire Ballroom O & P, Level 4, Sapphire Level

Keywords: Self-Help | Dissemination | Mood
Presentation Type: Mini Workshop
Level of Familiarity: Basic to Moderate

The second edition of Mind Over Mood (2016) integrates empirically supported methods of acceptance, mindfulness, imagery, and positive psychology with an updated presentation of behavioral activation, relaxation, and cognitive restructuring approaches for mood management. Padesky demonstrates and highlights improvements in the second edition and shows how the structure of this new edition is designed to make it easier for therapists to (a) individualize the chapter reading order to match evidence-based protocols and (b) use mood measures included in the book to track client progress.

Dr. Padesky shares evidence-based tips regarding which skills practices lead to improvement in symptoms and which can actually lead to worsening of symptoms. Learn how to flexibly use the empirically based client skills manual, Mind Over Mood (2016), in both therapy and community education settings to improve dissemination of empirically supported change principles.

Learning Objectives:

Recommended Reading: Hawley, L.L., Padesky, C.A., Hollon, S.D., Mancuso, E., Laposa, J.M., Brozina, K., Segal, Z.V. (2016). Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression using Mind Over Mood: CBT skill use and differential symptom alleviation. Behavior Therapy,
Redding, R.E., Herbert, J.D., Forman, E.M., & Gaudiano, B.A. (2008). Popular self-help books for anxiety, depression, and trauma: How scientifically grounded and useful are they? Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 39(5), 537-545.
Whitfield, G.,Williams, C., & Shapiro, D. (2001). Assessing the take up and acceptability of the self -help room used by patients awaiting their initial outpatient appointment. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 29, 333-343.

Christine A. Padesky

Center for Cognitive Therapy


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Mini Workshop 8 - Integrating Mind Over Mood (2nd Ed.) With Evidence-Based Practice

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