Category: Child / Adolescent - Anxiety

PS11- #B57 - Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Parent Accommodation of Child Anxiety

Saturday, Nov 18
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
Location: Indigo CDGH

Keywords: Child Anxiety | Hispanic American/ Latinx | Parenting

Recent studies suggest that family accommodation is positively related to child anxiety symptom severity and poorer treatment outcome (Norman, Silverman, & Lebowitz , 2015). Family accommodation has also been found to mediate the association between maternal anxiety and child anxiety (Jones, Lebowitz, Marin & Stark 2015). There has been speculation that family accommodation of child anxiety may be particularly high in Hispanic/Latino families. It is believed that this may be  due to cultural values favoring high family involvement and parental control; however, given that ethnicity is related to SES, high accommodation in Hispanic families might also be due to factors such as increased levels of stress. Little research has been conducted to test whether Hispanic parents engage in greater accommodation of child anxiety symptoms and whether this is related to parental control or parenting stress. Therefore, in the current study we examine family accommodation of child anxiety among Hispanic parents (N=64) compared to non-Hispanic parents (N=61). Mechanical Turk Users (N =125) completed measures reporting their child’s anxiety on their, parenting behavior, stress and accommodation of child anxiety. The results were consistent with our hypothesis that Hispanic parents evidence greater accommodation of child anxiety compared to non-Hispanic parents. They also reported significantly greater parental control. Moderator analyses revealed that parental control was positively associated to parent accommodation for non-Hispanic parents but not for Hispanic parents. Implications for the assessment of family functioning in child anxiety and treatment will be discussed.

Norman, K. R., Silverman, W. K., & Lebowitz, E. R. (2015). Family accommodation of child and adolescent anxiety: Mechanisms, assessment, and treatment. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 28(3), 131-140. doi:10.1111/jcap.12116
Jones, J. D., Lebowitz, E. R., Marin, C. E., & Stark, K. D. (2015). Family accommodation mediates the association between anxiety symptoms in mothers and children. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 27(1), 41-51. doi:10.2989/17280583.2015.1007866

Marina Ibarra

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Mission, Texas

Laura Seligman

Associate Professor
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, Texas

Wendy Silverman

Alfred A. Messer Professor of Child Psychiatry, Professor of Psychology and Director
Yale University and Child Study Center Program for Anxiety Disorders, USA
New Haven, Connecticut

Eli R. Lebowitz

Assistant Professor
Yale University Child Study Center
New Haven, Connecticut