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"The AVA Scientific meeting is always a thrill to attend, the energy at the conference is contagious. It is so exciting to meet leaders in Vascular Access and hear of new practices, and yet it is also rewarding to see new clinicians come and experience the conference for the first time. I always leave the conference energized and ready to improve my practice when I return!"

- Cheryl Gordon, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC
Denver Co

"The annual AVA conference provides an absolutely invaluable opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country. I practice in pediatrics and this is the only opportunity available to learn about pediatric research and practices from colleagues at other institutions. I always go home refreshed and motivated!!!"

- Leslie Gosey, RN, MS
Johns Hopkins Children's Center

"AVA allowed me the opportunity to network with other professionals who share my passion for vascular access. I look forward to meeting others and comparing my practice in my hospital to what other institutions are encouraging as best practice."

- Michelle Fargiano, RN BSN VA-BC

"I have been attending the AVA ASMs for the last 6 years. I have always found them clinically informative. Inevitably, I go back home to Australia armed with new knowledge and ideas, and ways to improve the vascular access care of my patients."

- Evan Alexandrou, RN PhD

"The cadaver lab was absolutely by far the very best experience of any class/conference/session I have ever been to."

- 2014 Attendee

"It was fabulous to see and hear so many intelligent knowledgeable people present their data and experiences. It made me very excited about the vascular access world."

- 2014 Attendee

"What an AMAZING experience to participate in my first National Convention! I was BLOWN away by the presentations, speakers, vendors! But probably more than anything I am proud to be part of an organization that is professional, engaging and WELCOMING to all disciplines that impact vascular access! I walked away with so much knowledge, made many new friends and I'm inspired to continue my role as a vascular access specialist!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"Each time I attend AVA I think "it couldn't possibly be better than the last time" and I am always pleasantly blown away but how amazing it is! You guys out do yourselves each year! Very well organized and informative conference. Thank you!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"Outstanding program as always...just when I think it can't get any better, it does. Thank you for another outstanding, informative, dynamic meeting!!!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee


- AVA 2015 Attendee

"This was my first time attending. Very much impressed with the quality of the speakers and information presented. Great job!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"Very organized, exhibitors were great. AVA always has one of the best Exhibit Halls, thanks! Always come away with new products to introduce to my facility. I need this part of the AVA annual meeting as it is the only time I can take the time to really see and ask questions about products."

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"This was my first conference... I left feeling excited about what I do and inspired to make positive change at my facility and in my practice. I felt empowered and loved meeting individuals that were interested and excited about the same things I'm interested and excited about. It was GREAT!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"I really had a great experience. I learned a lot of information to bring back to my facility. This was my first big conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

- AVA 2015 Attendee

"This was my first time attending and was able to do so because my employer paid for it. Next year, even if they don't pay, I will make it a high priority to attend again!"

- AVA 2015 Attendee

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