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Expo Soundstage

I-Engage Talks

Thursday, June 2
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Room: CCC, Hall A, Soundstage Area

Modeled after TED-talks, enjoy these dynamic 10-minute presentations on topics featuring a variety of presenters who are making a different in the local Denver community and beyond. Stop in and see one presentation, or all!

Presentations include:
Tour de Happiness: Harley, Happiness, and the Open Road- Erick Mueller, Cofounder and Chairman, Funovation
Colorado's Connection to the Global Economy- Stephanie Garnica, Director of Strategic Partnerships at World Trade Center Denver
Refugee Integration: Why It Matters- Joe Wismann-Horther, Integration Partnerships Coordinator, Colorado Refugee Services Center
The Posner Center for International Development: Growing Lasting Solutions to Global Poverty- Doug Vilsack, Executive Director at Posner Center for International Development & Board Chair of Elephant Energy
Finally, the Beginning of Belonging: A Palestinian-Muslim Perspective on Finding a Place to Call Home- Kamel Elwazeir, Board of Directors, Islamic Society of Colorado Springs
Global Physical Education: Real PE- Sam Iannetta, Founder and Master Trainer, Functional Fitness and Wellness
Millennials in the Workplace- Nick Vehorn, Senior Manager, Assurance, Technology Sector, PwC

Erick Mueller

Erick Mueller has founded four businesses- three have done ok and one was a flaming failure. His current venture, Funovation, has 260 locations in 27 countries around the world. He’s survived to share his experiences with others and is a teacher at the University of Colorado, and helps with programs that inspire and empower disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the slums of Africa, South America, and Europe. He truly believes entrepreneurship can change the world! He loves adventuring in the mountains with his family and two labs.


Stephanie Garnica

Stephanie Garnica has been in the global business scene for the last twenty years. She has worked for internationally focused non-profit organizations, the private sector, government, and now works at the World Trade Center Denver. She is a highly motivated, globally minded leader and self-starter who is active in the community and has a strong sense of integrity. She is committed to being socially responsible and loves healthy living. Fluent in Spanish and a world traveler, she is passionate about her work, her family and at helping the youth of today become more globally minded via internships, study abroad, and open-mindedness.


Joe Wismann-Horther

Joe was born and raised in Durango, Colorado. He has studied and worked in Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Morocco, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, the Eastern Caribbean, China, and Mongolia. He has an extensive background in nonprofit management, program management, and training in diverse cultural settings. Joe has enjoyed working with government officials, business people, and grassroots community organizers from all over the world. Joe received a MEd in International Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. What intrigues him most about learning and bridging social capital initiatives, is finding the common threads that bring people from different cultural backgrounds together in their efforts to improve their own lives and communities.


Doug Vilsack

Doug Vilsack is the Executive Director of the Posner Center for International Development in Denver, Colorado, a shared workspace for international development organizations that engages over 100 Tenants and Members. He is also the founder and Board Chair of Elephant Energy, a social venture that distributes small scale renewable energy technologies in Southern Africa and the on Navajo Nation in the United States. Doug is a trained lawyer in the practice areas of environmental law, Indian law, and renewable and alternative energy law, with his JD from University of Colorado Law School and BA from Colorado College.


Kamel Elwazeir

Born and raised in 1976 in Doha-Qatar to a Palestinian refugee family, Kamel got his Bachelors in Science in Business Management from the United Arab Emirates, then moved to Colorado Springs in 1999 and got his MBA from Colorado Technical University. After working at Hewlett Packard in inside sales, he left HP to be in business for himself, and now owns an auto export company shipping classic and exotic cars to the Middle East. Kamel lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and three sons, and has been involved with the local mosque since 2000 to service the community and help people understand the true teachings of Islam.


Sam Iannetta

Sam Iannetta is the Founder of Sam Iannetta’s Functional Fitness and Wellness Center, and a Celebrity Expert in the best-selling book Change Agents: The World's Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Successfully Changing the Status Quo to Help Their Clients Lead Better Lives and Run Better Businesses. He advocates for change in fitness and wellness education programs through the Fitness Longevity system he developed. Iannetta served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, holds more than 18 national certifications in personal training and nutrition, and is a three-time record-breaking American power lifter.



I-Engage Talks

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