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Arizona Parent Day and Kids Program

Saturday, November 14

Parent Day
Separate Registration Required – Register Now or download the Parent Day Registration Form

$45 per parent (grandparent, etc.)
No meals included

NAGC Parent Day is a one-day event that gives parents tools, information, and networking opportunities to help them support their children’s optimal development and ensure their continued growth. This event is co-hosted with the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented. Parents attend NAGC Convention sessions and visit the Exhibit Hall.

Parent day attendees will have a special session with Julie Hudy, “Maker Mom,” following the Saturday general session with Joe Hudy and Jason Babler. She will be on hand to answer questions about all things Joey and the Maker Movement.

New for 2015:

NAGC Parent Day Kids’ Program with special guest appearances by Joe Hudy
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
$35 per child
(Due to food allergies, parents are required to provide a bag lunch for their kids.)

Each grade group (K-8) will enjoy a full day of classroom activity run by student teachers from ASU and each will be joined by Joe Hudy to MAKE something and showcase it at the end of the day.

K-Grade 1: Saavy Science
Grades 2-3: Amazing Alien Architecture
Grades 4-5: Beading Designs
Grades 6-8: Shake it Up with Shakespeare


Kids’ Program Schedule at a Glance
8:30AM-9:00AM; Register, room assignment, students dropped off with teacher
9:00AM-12:00PM; Class
12:00PM-12:45PM; Lunch
12:45PM-3:30PM; Class
3:45PM-4:30PM; MAKE Showcase

K- Grade 1: Saavy Science
In our science workshop, children will dive into the world of chemistry by creating lava bottles and slime.  Through these explorations children will learn how different liquids combine and react to one another.  We will also peek into the realm of Life Science and learn what a seed needs to grow and they will have the opportunity to become a seed guardian.  Be ready to get your hands dirty!

9:00-10:45; Content
10:45-11:15; SET Game
11:15-12:00; Joe Hudy
12:00-12:45; Lunch
12:45-3:30; Content


Grades: 2-3: Amazing Alien Architecture 
Students will work in groups using recyclable materials to build a three-dimensional alien.  Students will focus on different math concepts including measurement and estimation and create a biography on their alien. If time allots students will create an alien award.

9:00-10:00; Content
10:00-10:30; SET Game
10:30-12:00; Content
12:00-12:45; Lunch
12:45-1:30; Joe Hudy
1:30-3:30; Content

Grades: 4-5: Beading Designs
Students will learn how to apply math skills to create a tetrahedral kite.  They will use a blue print to demonstrate their understanding of spatial reasoning to construct scale models.  Then they will identify the pattern, relation, or function (equation) relating area and perimeter using standard scale measurements.

9:00-12:00; Content
12:00-12:45; Lunch
12:45-1:15; SET Game
1:15-1:45; Content
1:45-2:30; Joe Hudy
2:30-3:30; Content

Grades: 6-8: Shake it Up with Shakespeare
A fun-filled day of drama and crafts, learning about Shakespeare, the Globe Theater, and even practice and perform a scene from a Shakespeare play! Masks, sets, drama games, and lots of hands-on learning abound!

9:00-12:00; Content
12:00-12:45; Lunch
12:45-1:30; Content
1:30-2:00; SET Game
2:00-2:45; Content
2:45-3:30; Joe Hudy













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