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1455 Abcam1455
1047 Accel Biotech, Inc1047
247 Active Motif247
1554 Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.1554
242 Advantage Business Media242
951 Almac951
137 Analyticon Discovery LLC137
142 Andrew Alliance S.A142
1445 Applied Motion Products1445
1453 Arrayit Corporation1453
1416 ASI / Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc.1416
1247 Astech Projects Ltd.1247
745 Aurelia Bioscience745
1350 Axiogenesis AG1350
1454 Axion Biosystems, Inc1454
211 Bearing Engineers, Inc./Motion Solutions, Inc.211
1504 Beckhoff Automation1504
1346 BioIT Solutions Inc.1346
452 Biolog452
150 Bioo Scientific150
1543 BiOptix Inc.1543
1105 BioTek Instruments, Inc.1105
1045 Blue Sky BioServices1045
921 BMG Labtech, Inc921
947 Cambridge Consultants Ltd947
155 Cambridge Research Biochemicals Ltd155
1552 Cellectis bioresearch1552
314 Cetics Healthcare Technologies GmbH314
1519 ChanTest Corporation1519
1046 ChemBridge Corporation1046
1148 Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.1148
455 Conductive Technologies Inc.455
1029 Corning Incorporated1029
1452 Cosmo Biosciences LLC1452
1419 Covaris, Inc1419
131 Destination Washington, DC131
652 Dotmatics, Inc.652
254 Drug Discovery World254
1321 Dynamic Devices1321
253 ELRIG (UK)253
1146 Essen BioScience1146
1048 Evotec1048
735 Festo Corporation735
1534 Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.1534
340 FluidX340
1532 Fluotics, Ltd1532
441 Formulatrix, Inc441
419 Frontier Scientific Services419
1555 Gas Cryo Systems B.V.1555
115 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News115
815 GNF Systems815
929 Hettich Centrifuges929
1335 IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd1335
1220 igus, Inc1220
541 IKO International, Inc.541
1444 ImageXpert Inc.1444
350 Innovation AveNEW350
948 Innovative Technologies in Biological Systems, S.L. (Innoprot)948
911 INTEGRA Biosciences911
444 Invenios444
144 Kailash Biosciences144
1053 KBiosystems Ltd1053
1349 Kuraray, Co. Ltd1349
1410 Labcon North America1410
920 LEAP Technologies920
853 Lin Engineering, Inc853
236 LinkTech Couplings, Inc236
135 Lipocalyx GmbH135
1520 m2p-labs, Inc.1520
1354 Mad City Labs, Inc1354
143 Marin Scientific Inc.143
841 MeCour Temperature Control841
447 Minarik Automation & Control447
148 MK Fluidic Systems148
1448 Moduline Systems1448
1245 Moeller Medical GmbH1245
1352 Nexcelom Bioscience1352
753 NOVO Engineering753
1541 Omega Bio-Tek, Inc.1541
1355 Owens Design1355
141 Pacific - iD141
1040 Pall Life Sciences1040
1005 PerkinElmer1005
1345 Planet Innovation1345
1437 Plastic Design Corporation1437
234 Precision Bioservices234
319 Promega Corporation319
1118 PSS (Precision System Science)1118
252 Renishaw, Inc252
1443 SCIVAX Life Sciences, Inc.1443
421 Seahorse Bioscience421
119 Sensirion, Inc119
1019 Seyonic SA1019
235 SiLA Consortium235
952 SilcoTek Corporation952
953 Silicon Kinetics953
1253 SMC Corporation of America1253
755 Solid State Cooling Systems755
1429 Sophion Bioscience A/S1429
1016 Specs1016
1521 SPEX SamplePrep LLC1521
544 STACS DNA, Inc.544
1533 SurModics, Inc1533
405 Tecan405
751 Teledyne CETAC Technolgies751
1440 Tensor ID1440
454 The Lee Company454
517 Thermo Scientific517
313 Thorlabs313
1021 TOMTEC1021
649 Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc.649
552 Trianja Technologies552
1010 TriContinent1010
1435 Trinean1435
1508 TWD TradeWinds, Inc1508
1433 Union Biometrica, Inc.1433
545 USA Scientific, Inc.545
514 V&P Scientific, Inc.514
1413 Valcor Scientific1413
1120 VICI Valco Instruments1120
1546 Wasatch Microfluidics1546
944 Wheaton944

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